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Armchair Archivists

As promised, D23 has debuted their new online video feature “Armchair Archivists.” This new series will give us a regular look at the rarely-seen treasures of the Disney Archives, and hopefully some audio and video goodies as well.

Judging from this premiere episode, the new series will be of far greater value than the current […]

Your Friday Viewing: It All Started With A Mouse – The Disney Story

For your weekend viewing pleasure, courtesy of Progress City Public Access TV…

This classy little documentary was made for the Disney Channel in 1989. It tells the story of Walt’s life, and continues from there through the events of 1984 and beyond. There’s a great deal about Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which was in production […]

Laugh-O-Grams Lost And Found

Today marks the 88th anniversary of the release of Walt Disney’s Puss In Boots – one of his Laugh-O-Gram series of fairy tales. This provides an opportunity to discuss a crackerjack bit of cinematic sleuthing recently revealed by historian David Gerstein. In a tale of celluloid archaeology worthy of Indiana Jones, Gerstein and fellow […]

Walt Disney Wearing Funny Hats

Here, courtesy of the events at Destination D, are a series of pictures of Walt Disney in funny hats. This seems to have happened more often than one might think – the Wonderful World of Color shows are often a rich source of Walt Disney in funny hats.

I’m drawn to Walt Disney in funny […]

The Ryman Centennial: The Phone Call

Walt Disney displays a number of concept art pieces for Disneyland, all created by Herbert Ryman


“Hi Herb, it’s Bill Cottrell. We’re over at the Studio working on something and Walt wants to talk to you.”

“Well, OK…”

“Hiya Herbie, it’s Walt!”

“Well hi, Walt, how are you?”

“Fine, Herb, fine. Now listen. I’m […]