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Walt Disney Vs. The Air Pirates

Walt ‘Nickels’ Disney’s Gulfstream 1, preparing for combat. Not pictures: Nickels!

During the 1970s, Frank Stanek lead planning efforts at WED Enterprises and headed the development of Tokyo Disneyland, but back in 1964 he was a young cast member managing the business affairs of Disney’s “it’s a small world” attraction at the 1964/65 New […]

Progress City Home Theater: Walt & El Grupo (2009)

Last week saw the release of three prominent Disney-related documentaries. The only of these that I had not seen in theaters was Walt & El Grupo, so I was naturally eager to check out director Ted Thomas’s (Frank and Ollie) recounting of Walt Disney’s 1941 South America trip (Thomas’s father, animator Frank Thomas, was […]

Walt’s Scrapbook – The Beachcomber, August 1941

Walt sketches a friend in Miami Beach, August 13th, 1941 (AP Photo)

Perhaps it’s fitting that, with Walt & El Grupo now out on DVD, we pause before we head South America-way to make a stop in Miami Beach, just like Walt did in 1941.

The above photo was taken at the Pancoast Hotel in […]


The ever-glamorous Diane Disney Miller

There’s an interesting story at The Telegraph about Diane Disney Miller, who has been granting interviews to mark the 70th anniversary of Fantasia. The piece has some interesting bits about Diane’s perspective on her role in the Disney legacy (I especially enjoyed the story about Walt telling her she shouldn’t […]

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Mouse

The estimable Mickey Mouse turns 82 today; hopefully, his birthday is made more happy because it comes on the cusp of a new wave of recognition thanks to the impending Epic Mickey videogame. It’s hard to believe that the corporate icon of today – the giggling, krumping creature of the “Disney Dance Crew” – was […]