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Riding The Rails

Engine 275, a Baldwin 4-6-0, en route from the Yucatan to Tampa, where it was refit and restored to become the Walt Disney World Railroad’s “Roger E. Broggie”

When Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was being designed, Imagineers had to seek out steam locomotives to power the park’s new Railroad. In early 1969, two [...]


So this was a thing that happened:

Eat your heart out, Escape From Tomorrow.

P.S. The other park you see is Magic Mountain in California. In the Walt Disney World footage, keep an eye out for the old Polynesian Village Resort pool.

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The World of Motion

Recently, Epcot’s Test Track attraction reopened after a lengthy overhaul that saw a complete facelift of the attraction’s aesthetic. Gone are the old preshow, plot, and postshow area; gone are the Belgian blocks and the silly “tests” and the heat, cold and corrosion rooms. While the ride system and the actual ride profile itself remain [...]

I Want To Go To There

Occasionally you come across a bit of old video that you don’t even remember directly but it stirs some primeval memory deep within and you just know you’ve seen it – probably a million times – long, long ago. This is one of those videos.

I’m not sure, but I believe this appeared on some [...]

EPCOT Update…

Just an update for those interested in D23′s EPCOT Center 30th Anniversary Celebration; tickets did indeed go on sale this morning but the higher-tier tickets (which included an evening dessert party) sold out almost immediately. In well under a minute, apparently. The good news is that $65 tickets remain for purchase, and those offer all [...]