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Ducks, Ghosts, and Disneylandia

Here are my latest pieces of ephemera from the D23 website…

First, a look at Donald Duck’s first appearance – years before The Wise Little Hen.

Then, two pieces from the Haunted Mansion – an early script for the show spiel, and a proposed promotion for the ride written by Wally […]

A History Of Animatronics

Way back when… so far back that the Disney Channel showed actual Disney-related content… the network often filled time between its programs with informative interstitials about Disney history. A series of these featurettes were produced about Walt Disney Imagineering, hosted by then-frequent Disney Channel host Eric Boardman. One of these, shown below, provides a glimpse […]

Let The Games Begin…

Over at the Walt Disney Family Museum’s blog Storyboard – which you should be reading regularly by now – I’ve written an article about the Disney studio’s contributions to the VIII Winter Olympic Games in 1960. It’s an interesting and rarely-told part of Disney lore, and an overlooked step in Walt’s progression from Disneyland […]

Wally Boag, 1920-2011

A far greater tribute than me running my mouth, would be just to take a moment to watch the master at work…

We’ll miss you, Wally. You were one of a kind.

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