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WALL-E and EVE!!! Photos! Here!

As a bit of an obsessive-compulsive, I love looking at the statistics that my blogging software compiles about this website. I love seeing where you guys come from, how many of you there are, and I especially love looking at the keywords that people use to find the blog. As it stands, the all-time most […]

We have liftoff… (and WALL-E viewing for Tarheels)

Well, the big day is here and WALL-E is opening on thousands of screens across the country. There’s little I can say here to meaningfully elaborate on the excitement over the new Pixar feature or to underscore the breathless reviews the film has been getting. Adding to the excitement is the fact that we’ll […]

One week more…

Seriously. I’m so freaking excited about this.

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Nothing up my sleeve…

While Disney Feature Animation has been eager to trumpet its new shorts program by occasionally giving us peeks at its upcoming slate, Pixar has been less forthcoming about the projects in its pipeline. With the release of WALL-E growing ever closer, Jerry Beck has given us a glimpse at what will accompany that film […]

Animation Avalanche

John Lasseter and Disney Studios chief Dick Cook set animation fandom aflame yesterday when they hosted a presentation in New York City to detail the next five years of animated films from Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. The press conference was unusually detailed for the typically secretive world of animation – Cook pointed […]