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Regis And The Daredevil Circus Spectacular, 1987

Michael Eisner didn’t get EPCOT.

He didn’t understand it, he didn’t like it. He wanted to make it more “exciting.”

And so, when he arrived at Walt Disney Productions in 1984, those grand expansion plans for the park were all put away, never to be seen again. Instead, EPCOT would begin to see a series […]

Walt Disney World Coming Attractions, 1987

In 1987, Walt Disney World was in the midst of a huge expansion. Construction was underway at multiple locations, on projects that would change the face of the resort forever. Disney’s new CEO, Michael Eisner, was intent on making the resort a full-service destination that could keep a family occupied for an entire vacation without […]

You remember Hooter, right?

Again we travel to 1986 via the magic of Progress City Public Access TV. This time we take a look at what’s new at Walt Disney World that year – note that it’s all at EPCOT Center. The clips are framed with the device of our noble hosts picking their favorite things at Walt Disney […]

We’re Havin’ A Party

The year was 1986.

Walt Disney World was celebrating its 15th anniversary, and Regis Philbin was there to document the history of the Vacation Kingdom. Regis was only the “man on the street” reporter for the 1986 Very Merry Christmas Parade; Joan Lunden and Ben Vereen provided the live and awkward commentary from the booth. […]