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Princess and the Frog!!! Photos! Here! Tiana and Naveen! Etc!

You kids. I slave all day over a hot keyboard, and every year I get a record amount of hits just from people looking for pictures from Disney’s latest animated features. But who am I to argue? Here are the latest publicity shots from the upcoming Disney animated feature The Princess and the Frog.




Eff you, Zemeckis. You and your dead-eyed, zombie troupe, uncanny valley miasmas.

And shame on Apple Corps, although I’m not surprised.

The original Yellow Submarine isn’t an untouchable classic, but it does have some interesting animation. If Pixar or Disney Feature Animation, or even some ambitious independent studio, was doing this I’d be ecstatic. […]

SDCC 2009 – Day Two

The Disney/Pixar animation panel at the San Diego Comic-Con

Another day, another zillion nifty things going on in San Diego that I’m missing out on. Yesterday, the focus was on Disney’s upcoming live-action fare. Today the spotlight shifted to animation, with sneak peaks from both Pixar and Walt Disney Feature Animation. There were no shocking […]

The Best Awesomest News Of Bestnest This Year: John Carter of Mars and Michael Chabon

The story so far: Walt Disney Pictures is making John Carter of Mars, based on the series of pulp novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The film, rumored to be targeted for a 2012 release and based on the novel A Princess of Mars, is being directed by Pixar impresario Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, WALL-E). […]


What’s all this then?

Nice logo, by the way.

Looky – new art:

The site features new unseen development art from The Princess and the Frog…

…and the upcoming short Glago’s Guest

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