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I Hate Everything

What. the. eff. is. going. on. at. Disney?

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Whither King Of The Elves?

It hasn’t been long since word emerged that one of the directors had been removed from King of the Elves, the computer animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios that had been publicly announced for release in 2012. Since then, I’ve received lots of visitors to the site from Google searches about the film being [...]

Let It Snow… Queen

Storyboard from Disney’s previous attempt to animate The Snow Queen

With the wonderful white Christmas that’s made so many of our lives unexpectedly interesting over this pre-holiday weekend, I thought it might be apropos to take another look at The Snow Queen. We’ve talked a little about the history of this project, which is now [...]

First Real Look At TRON: Legacy

Teaser poster for TRON: Legacy

By now, you’ve probably seen this at any of the hundred other websites that have already posted it, but I’ll be consarned if I’m going to let some TRON news slip by. We finally have our first real look into the world of TRON: Legacy, the forthcoming sequel to Disney’s [...]

Peek At A Princess

Early last month, the first five minutes of The Princess and the Frog appeared online. You’ve most likely seen it already, but I’m excited about the impending release so I don’t care. Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and the fact that merchandise has been selling out for weeks now despite the fact that the [...]