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George & A.J.

To celebrate the DVD release of UP, Pixar recently released a short animatic film on their Facebook page. The short, George & A.J., was written and directed by Josh Cooley; despite its story-sketch approach it’s quite hilarious. In fact, it winds up being a funnier short than the more polished Dug’s Special Mission from the […]

Progress City Home Theater: Up (2009)

For some time, we here at Progress City have wanted to review new releases of note from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar. What better way to start, then, than the home video release of this year’s Pixar success, UP? The simple tale of a boy and his dog… and an old man… and a […]

Up!!! Photos! Here!

For quite a while, the most popular post here on Progress City was a text-light collection of stills from WALL-E. While I try to take this as a reflection of that film’s popularity and not a referendum on my writing, it’s obvious that people love to get online to find pictures of their favorite […]

Your Future Disney Bookshelf

I’ve long wanted to start writing book reviews here on Progress City, as recent years have been filled with a slew of great new titles dissecting every aspect of the Disney empire. Hopefully I can make time to do that, but this year looks to be filled with just as many interesting new tomes […]

Up is…. Well, you know.

On the heels of its panel at the San Diego Comic Con, Disney has gone live with the new website for Up, Pixar’s 2009 release. It features a brief teaser – the animation looks, as expected, astounding. More details will follow, but for the time being… check it out.

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