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The Dream Called EPCOT

In 1981, The Walt Disney Story – the attraction which once occupied the area in the Magic Kingdom where the Town Square Theater currently resides – took a brief absence as its queue, theater area, and postshow area were appropriated to become The EPCOT Center Preview Center. In the year leading up to EPCOT’s October, […]

EPCOT: Origins – A Model Future, 1978

For those of us in the lowly demographic called “fandom”, true insight is only gained through extreme displays of excess and obsessiveness. This especially holds true when researching older Imagineering projects, and most particularly projects that were somehow altered or never came to be. So little artwork or information escapes from Fortress Disney, that each […]

Energy – A Few Of Its Faces

One of the first attractions to begin construction at EPCOT Center was the Universe of Energy. Exxon had been one of the first sponsors to sign on for Future World, and so the design of the pavilion had been locked fairly quickly. Renderings from 1977 show a concept fairly similar to the building’s final appearance […]

A Visit To EPCOT Center, 1979

Let’s take a look at EPCOT Center in 1979, three years before it would actually open:

Rendering of EPCOT Center, 1979 (Click to Enlarge)

Slightly different, is it not?

Clockwise from the golden Spaceship Earth in Future World, we have the Energy pavilion (Universe of Energy), the Science & Invention Pavilion, the Transportation pavilion (World […]

These Are A Few Of Your Faces…

The Universe of Energy, as it was in 1982:

Lovely, eh? It’s almost like a geologic formation itself, jutting from the ground with its dynamic and energetic hues. Those original WED art directors knew what they were doing – people like Claude Coates and John Hench knew a lot about the psychological effect color […]