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Neverworlds – EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion, Victorian Music Hall

Things are far more bustling after dark in Neverworld’s UK pavilion

Most of the Disney stalwarts who read this blog have probably seen the above rendering before. A second look reveals many differences between EPCOT’s United Kingdom pavilion as built and the above conceptual painting. The pavilion as depicted is much larger than the real […]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #5

And so we continue…

#5 – Rethink Tomorrowland Welcome to… THE FUTURE!!!

I realize that most of my discussions so far have involved the Walt Disney World resort, as that is my main area of concern. This item, however, applies equally to all the Magic Kingdom parks worldwide and is an issue that should be […]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #7

The next item in our (seemingly never-endless) list of what I’d like to see taken care of this year at WDW? Survey says…

#7 – Finish the Animal Kingdom! The image that launched a thousand blog posts – the original conceptual rendering for Animal Kingdom

Again, I know. Putting something like this on a list […]

Neverworlds – EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion, Phase II

In honor of that old Highlights magazine standby, take a look at this lovely rendering of EPCOT’s Italy pavilion and see if you can tell me what’s wrong with this picture:

Do you see it? Have a look at this Imagineering model for the pavilion:

For those of you who haven’t seen it […]

Neverworlds – The World City Model

THE “WORLD CITY” MODEL: Project designer John DeCuir completes an initial concept for the World City model, an amphitheater depicting a future community in the process of grown and adaptation.- Walt Disney Productions, 1975

In 1975, EPCOT Center was a far different creature than the park that debuted in 1982. Known then by the unwieldy […]