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Neverworlds – Lost Lands Of LEGO

In the World Showcase section, where international villages dot the edge of a 45-acre, man-made lagoon, Disney engineers intend to build pavilions representing Israel, Equatorial Africa, Venezuela, Spain and Morocco. Also under consideration are pavilions representing the Netherlands and Denmark. – The Miami Herald, October 3rd, 1982

When the announcement was made that Merlin Entertainments […]

Promises, Promises

In today’s entry in the “How’d that work out for ya?” file, we have this headline from the April, 1979 edition of the Disney Times.

An African Pavilion for EPCOT Center’s World Showcase came a step closer to reality with the recent receipt of a letter of intent from Kenya. Two other African nations, […]

Retro Neverworlds – The Lost Potties Of Denmark

How do you tell a Disney nerd? This is how.

So, at the Theme Park Review site, they have this swell thread about early EPCOT Center. Of course, its swellness is enhanced by the fact that it says nice things about Progress City, but I digress. The point is, this thread contains thrilling and exciting […]

Neverworlds – World Showcase’s Arab Nations Pavilion

Artist’s concept for possible Arab nations pavilion, World Showcase

This rendering is for yet another unbuilt World Showcase pavilion, this time with the rather nebulous theme of “Arab nations.” This is not one of the well-known abandoned concepts for present day World Showcase, but rather an attraction intended for the original separately-gated iteration of the […]

Neverworlds – EPCOT’s India Pavilion

This trip to the misty moors of Never Never World is less entertaining than most, as it lacks that most important element of any good story about unbuilt attractions – pictures! Unlike many of our other stories, too, this is not a project that Disney had committed to building or negotiations that they initiated themselves. […]