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Because It’s Christmastime And I Love You

And you thought the Clinkers were bad?

I’ve been holding on to this one, out of fears of potential prosecution for human rights abuses. But it’s Christmas, after all, and it’s Christmastime at Walt Disney World…

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Disney Television Bonanza

I posted this in the Progress City Twitter feed earlier (subscribe today!) but felt that it might be too easily missed. There’s a ton of Disney-related programming on various cable and broadcast nets this week, and even the irritating ones might at least give a good peek or two at the parks. All the details […]

I’m So, So Sorry

There are a lot of things that I’m dying to write about, which only makes me more sad that I’ve spent the entire day in bed due to some insane illness and haven’t wanted to sit up, much less blog. I thought I’d take a break from my fever dreams to give you one, with […]

It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah!

Eleven years later, and twenty-seven years ago today in Orlando:

Hey, at least this time the song was actually about the park!

How much would I love to see the Disney company show this much enthusiasm about EPCOT and its mission today? Not a character or franchise in sight – just big, big ideas and […]

You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Thirty-eight years ago today, on 1st October 1971, Walt Disney World officially opened its gates in Orlando. This was how the new resort’s arrival was heralded to the public:

Ridiculous. Although many divisions of the company, especially WED, were still putting out good work at this time, the television specials of this era more than […]