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Behind The Scenes Of Disney’s Electronic Oz

The summer of 1982 was about as exciting as it could get for sci-fi fans. Just take a look at the cover of STARLOG #62 from that September – Star Trek II! Revenge of the Jedi in pre-production! The year would see Blade Runner, E.T., and many others, including TRON. While TRON: Legacy, which […]

Tea For TRON and TRON For Tea

Walter Cronkite is one of my heroes. Authoritative yet avuncular, his constant reassuring presence during the events of the later 20th century made him the perfect choice to narrate EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth from 1986 to 1994. So if I love Walter Cronkite, and I love TRON, what would I love the most? Why, Walter Cronkite […]

Mickey Hits the Game Grid

Hope you installed your mouse driver

Ok, that’s pretty cool.

Sideshow Collectibles has just revealed this vinyl figurine of Mickey Mouse as TRON. The figure, by Medicom, will be released later this year.

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Greetings, Programs!

My TRON poster has an added bonus at the bottom: “The 21st Century begins October 1st, 1982 at EPCOT Center in Florida”

The film, Disney and nerd blogospheres collided recently with a widely publicized story that Disney is planning to release its long-gestating sequel to the film TRON in 2011. Furthermore, and perhaps […]