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Speaking of TRON: Legacy…

Disney has released a brief video clip featuring a taste of the film’s score by French electronica duo Daft Punk. I’m still kind of irritated that Wendy Carlos isn’t involved, but I have to say that Daft Punk proved a logical selection. The piece, Derezzed, is accompanied in this video by [...]

Sneak Peak: The Winter Of twenty-three

Disney has released a sneak peek at the winter issue of Disney twenty-three, which streets on November 1st. The cover story is a nine-page look at TRON: Legacy, which arrives in theaters in December, featuring interviews with Director Joseph Kosinski, Producer Sean Bailey, and actors Bruce Boxleitner and Garrett Hedlund. Steven Lisberger, creator of [...]

You Have My Immediate Attention

Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund in TRON: Legacy. They’re talking about how excellent Ratatouille was.

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned anything having to do with Walt Disney Pictures, but there’s a tidbit that’s just emerged from Entertainment Weekly that’s too good to go without comment. According to them, Pixar filmmakers Brad Bird and [...]