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Lake Buena Vista Chronicles: Selling The Magic, 1972

Despite the fact that the Lake Buena Vista area is a critical element of the early Vacation Kingdom aesthetic, it often seems that Disney itself had a poor handle on what, exactly, the development was and why it existed. Trying to track the history of the Lake Buena Vista village’s intended purpose is a […]

Say, Nice Package!

Back in the good ol’ days, Disney fans didn’t have to shell out big bucks to get quality discounts on rooms at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom Club was created as a benefit that companies nationwide could purchase for their employees. If your employer had an agreement with Disney, and very many did, […]

Treehouse Villas II: Electric Boogaloo

Like the mighty phoenix, the Treehouse Villas rise again. This rendering depicts the new Treehouses that will open this summer (Disney)

For long-time fans of Walt Disney World, it’s been a hard fifteen years or so. Many of the special things that made the resort so unique have disappeared, replaced during wave after wave of […]