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A Peek At Hong Kong’s Eleventy Billion New Attractions…

The Ministry of Information has released this new propaganda video about the expansion now under construction at Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s mostly fluff, but there are some nice peeks at unseen art and models for Mystic Harbor (yay!), Grizzly Trail (meh!) and Toy Story Land (BOO!). Actually, that “meh” for Grizzly Trail is probably unfair […]

In Which I Apologize To WDI And… Jay Rasulo?!

Although I’ve been too immersed in busyosity lately to post anything of significance, as I go about my peregrinations I’m constantly cycling through the mental list of stories that I intend to or need to write. These days, a lot of those stories have to do with overdue and obscure tales from the D23 Expo […]

More Eastern Winds

While I was writing about Hong Kong Disneyland, news apparently continued to happen.

On the subject of Hong Kong, there was a key provision of the expansion deal that I neglected to mention. It was reported, and widely reiterated in the press, that two of the new areas – Grizzly Trail and Mystic Point – […]

Insert Pithy Reference To My Hong Kong Disneyland Disappointment Here

I’m a pretty nice guy – really, I am. I consider myself fairly affable; I think being southern at least predisposes one to a general aspiration to pleasantness. I abhor confrontation. As much as I’d like to be Walt, I could never be Walt because I could never look someone in the eyes and tell […]