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Widen Your World!

Today’s riveting historical find that has me agog is this amazing video, taken in 1988, of the rarely documented attraction if you could fly. This short-lived ride was a re-named version of the fan classic if you had wings, necessitated when Eastern Airlines dropped their sponsorship of that original attraction. The changes were superficial and […]

What Does Captain EO Stand For?

There’s a question that I’ve seen pop up often over the years in the search results by which people are redirected to this site. With all the hubbub leading up to yesterday’s return of Captain EO to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, I’ve seen a new explosion of people asking this question:

What does Captain “EO” stand for?



Donald seems concerned…

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The WEDway’s Back

There’s been a lot of low-level news lately that I’ve neglected to mention, and one of these stories involves my beloved WEDway Peoplemover. The Tomorrowland classic took a brief refurbishment break when Space Mountain went down for its rehab earlier this year, and has recently opened again with some minor changes.

Visually, the lights along […]

The Carousel Broke Down…

Those of you who have been around a while might remember the cell phone video that I posted in April of the vaguely terrifying effect that recent negligence has had on the Carousel of Progress. Father dearest seems to wobble drunkenly in his chair, head lolling about, and his artificial skin is riding so far […]