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Making Magic: How Computers Influenced Roller Coaster Design

When one thinks about Imagineering, it’s most likely that the mind first runs to the artists. With fifty-five years of renderings, sketches, models, sculptures and amazing artwork, it’s perhaps no surprise that the fine artists have often become the public face of Disney’s creative workshop. Unfortunately this can do a disservice to the engineering side [...]

Widen Your World!

Today’s riveting historical find that has me agog is this amazing video, taken in 1988, of the rarely documented attraction if you could fly. This short-lived ride was a re-named version of the fan classic if you had wings, necessitated when Eastern Airlines dropped their sponsorship of that original attraction. The changes were superficial and [...]

What Does Captain EO Stand For?

There’s a question that I’ve seen pop up often over the years in the search results by which people are redirected to this site. With all the hubbub leading up to yesterday’s return of Captain EO to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, I’ve seen a new explosion of people asking this question:

What does Captain “EO” stand for?



Donald seems concerned…

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