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Trippy Tomorrowland

“Modcinema” on YouTube emailed me to let me know of some “remix” videos they’d created using, in part, footage from the Progress City YouTube Channel. Modcinema has its own channel, which you should absolutely check out post-haste because it is a mindbending cornucopia of midcentury retro-madness; jet-age spy-chic lounge-era cool right on the taupe edge […]

Zoom A Little Zoom In My Rocket Ship…

This little sketch comes from 1965; it’s concept art for Space Mountain, which was then under development for Disneyland’s New Tomorrowland. The ride, of course, wouldn’t open until 1975, and then only in Florida. It wouldn’t appear at Disneyland until 1977.

I have absolutely no profound reason to post this piece, aside from the […]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #5

And so we continue…

#5 – Rethink Tomorrowland Welcome to… THE FUTURE!!!

I realize that most of my discussions so far have involved the Walt Disney World resort, as that is my main area of concern. This item, however, applies equally to all the Magic Kingdom parks worldwide and is an issue that should be […]

Tomorrow, Yesterday – Disneyland 1967

We don’t usually cover Disneyland history around these parts, because so many others do it so much better than we possibly could. And, after all, what could I uncover than Bruce Gordon and David Mumford missed? But I found something cool that I have to share – I’m not usually intrigued by construction photos but […]