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The King Of Queen

According to the Animation Guild Blog, Chris Buck is now slated to direct The Snow Queen. The film had previously been under the guidance of a number of other directors during its tortured development cycle in the earlier part of this decade. Buck previously directed Tarzan for Disney and Surf’s Up for Sony.

Let’s just […]

Back To The Sweatbox

It’s been some time since we’ve discussed the upcoming Disney animation slate in any detail, and even longer since I updated the site’s list of animated projects. We’ve mentioned some of the schedule shifts that have occurred in the year and a half since Disney announced their ambitious development plans; most notably, Cars 2 was […]

D23 – Day Three

Oh lordy.

I managed to make it back to the motor lodge, but I’m not sure I can keep my eyes open long enough to say anything intelligible. For those of you planning on coming to D23 next year, I recommend an extensive training regimen and sleep deprivation training. It’s hard core.

Anyway, if you […]