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SDCC 2009 – Day Two

The Disney/Pixar animation panel at the San Diego Comic-Con

Another day, another zillion nifty things going on in San Diego that I’m missing out on. Yesterday, the focus was on Disney’s upcoming live-action fare. Today the spotlight shifted to animation, with sneak peaks from both Pixar and Walt Disney Feature Animation. There were no shocking […]


What’s all this then?

Nice logo, by the way.

Looky – new art:

The site features new unseen development art from The Princess and the Frog…

…and the upcoming short Glago’s Guest

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The Princess and the Frog and the Website

Well, color me surprised. Disney has gone live with their website for next year’s The Princess and the Frog. The site features a brief teaser for the film; it doesn’t show actual scenes from the movie itself but rather breaks the fourth wall to give a sense of the film’s humorous tone and New […]

Animation Avalanche

John Lasseter and Disney Studios chief Dick Cook set animation fandom aflame yesterday when they hosted a presentation in New York City to detail the next five years of animated films from Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. The press conference was unusually detailed for the typically secretive world of animation – Cook pointed […]

Born On The Bayou

Disney has released its 2007 annual report and, while it may be the dullest and least informative annual report ever (how bare must your calendar be if you have to slap High School Musical on the cover? You couldn’t even give us some DCA renderings?), it at least has a nice new image from […]