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The Muppets… And Walt Disney World!

The Muppets have been everywhere lately due to a mercifully concerted and well-orchestrated advertising campaign for their new film, The Muppets, which opened yesterday. It’s been twelve years since our felt friends last graced theaters in 1999, and the time in between has been a period of great uncertainty for the characters. At times, [...]


Long have Muppet fans waited with bated breath to see when our furry, demented pals would make a return to theaters and – more importantly – if they could manage to re-harness the anarchic feeling they’d seemingly lost. For several years news about the project has come and gone, with slacker comedian and Muppet fan [...]

Speaking Of Muppets…

Muppet Studios are sure making the most of these here interwebs to get their characters out there…

Aside: I’m totally used to NuKermit but really am not digging NuStatler and NuWaldorf from these online videos. The difference is jarring. Anyway…

Sorry I’ve been kind of stealth lately. Been working on secret thingies. More good [...]

The Scriptorium – The Muppet Man

I first heard about The Muppet Man last December when it received a great deal of publicity due to its appearance at the top of the fabled “Black List.” The list, which has become something of a big deal, is an annual ranking of that year’s best unproduced scripts circulating around Hollywood. Making the list [...]