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The Valuable Life Lessons Of Lady And The Tramp

The 1970s were a strange time. Much of the entertainment produced in that decade seems to have been created by aliens masquerading as humans; everything seems vaguely familiar, but enough small details are off just enough that the cumulative effect is decidedly creepy. So it is with this piece of video, Lady and the Tramp: […]

The Making of the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park, 1989

Way back in the day, the Disney Channel showed content that was related to the Disney films and theme parks. And so it was in 1989, when the channel created an hour long special to celebrate the newly-minted Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park in Florida. Hosted by TV’s Fred Newman, then one of the adult stars […]

Oh Noes! Teh Disney Studios Failz!!1!

There must be some weird sort of Hollywood law of thermodynamics at work today. For each suspect Disney executive that retires, another gets promoted. So it happened that Rich Ross, president of Disney Channels Worldwide, was tapped to replace the fired Dick Cook as head of the Walt Disney Studios.

Let’s be clear. Ross has […]

Oh, Eisner – 1985 Edition

When last we met, a fresh-faced and ambitious young Michael Eisner and his laconic sidekick Frank Wells had rocketed to stardom, taking control of Walt Disney Productions after the ouster of its previous management. 1985 would mark the duo’s first full year in control of the company – how would it go? Would the […]