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Ten Wishes for the New Year: #1

Way back when in 2009, I wrote a series of articles enumerating the top ten things that I wanted to see happen to the Disney parks (and especially Walt Disney World) in that year. I managed to actually complete nine of those articles throughout 2009, but as some have been keen to remind me in [...]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #2

It took some time, but this is a biggie. Survey says…

#2 – Rethink EPCOT. Completely. Smell that? That’s the smell of potential!

It’s been a while since I last did one of these. The delay was, in part, because not only is this particular topic very near and dear to my heart, but it’s [...]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #3

Those of you who are new to Progress City – and there are many! – can catch up with previous entries in this series here.

#3 – Overhaul Resort Transportation Guess which one transfixed me as a child with its awesomeness? Go ahead, guess.

Criticism – even loving, constructive criticism like the kind your friends [...]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #4

Remember when I was doing this list thing?

#4 – Detoonification Make. It. Stop.

OK, let’s get one thing crystal clear upfront: I know that this one is never, ever going to happen. I know it, you know it and the American people know it – no matter how much the parks would benefit and [...]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #5

And so we continue…

#5 – Rethink Tomorrowland Welcome to… THE FUTURE!!!

I realize that most of my discussions so far have involved the Walt Disney World resort, as that is my main area of concern. This item, however, applies equally to all the Magic Kingdom parks worldwide and is an issue that should be [...]