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The Spaceship Earth Story

Part and parcel of Disney’s pride in its new theme park, Epcot Center, was the seemingly endless amount of documentation the park received when it opened in 1982. Not only did Disney want to promote its new and exciting offering, but each attraction had a major sponsor; these were the companies who had paid for […]

Promoting Spaceship Earth, 1982

Making the rounds on Twitter last weekend was this remarkable video, made by the Bell System in 1982 to promote their sponsorship of Spaceship Earth at the newly-opened EPCOT Center. The “Chronicle News Update” contains a chat with AT&T president William Ellinghaus, who presided over the pavilion’s opening ceremony, as well as Disney CEO Card […]

Literally The Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Seen At Walt Disney World

I considered many titles for this article.

The typically punny things, naturally – things like “Why We Deride” and things like that. But I think it’s important to underline the fact that this is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen at Walt Disney World. That might be quite the buildup, as I’ve seen a lot […]

Makin’ Memories, 1974 Style

Way back in the day, before human ingenuity blessed us with the miracle of digital photography, you actually had to think before you took a picture. Why, in my day we couldn’t just cast around taking hundreds of pictures willy-nilly with our cameras and iPhones and hula-hoops and dungarees; we had to stop, analyze the […]

Siemens To Sponsor Space Mountain?

I’m not tellin’, I’m askin’. Does anyone know anything?

And yes, I’m working on some actual substantive posts for the weekend…

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