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Tomorrow’s Windows – Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

We’ve mentioned already several of the rumors regarding the next few years as Disney ramps up for the Magic Kingdom’s 40th anniversary in 2011. If planning continues along current lines, and management steps up with sufficient funding, the park will finally receive a series of refurbishments that will begin to restore it […]

Woody’s Roundup 08-02-2008

It’s been a while, eh?

First, a note on the Tron 2 buzz that’s circulated since our last story. Jim Hill posted a somewhat breathless tale this week about the film’s production and how original TRON director Steven Lisberger had been taken off the project by John Lasseter, scrapping the years of development work that […]

Look! The Goodyear blimp!

Fear not, poor neglected readers – I haven’t forgotten about you. But grant renewal season is a busy season and apparently cuts into one’s important research (i.e. Peoplemovers, Handwiches, and Herbie Goes Bananas). To tide you over, here’s an awesome picture:

Ironically, many of my old plans for Wand removal evoked similar images…

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Places I Wish I Was Rather Than Here, Vol. II

Also from said cell phone…

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It’s Official: Judi, Judi, Judi…