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Delightful, Delicious, Delaney

One of Imagineer Tim Delaney’s famous renderings for EPCOT’s The Living Seas pavilion

The last time we spoke of Imagineer Tim Delaney was last year, when he departed Walt Disney Imagineering after thirty-three years with the company. Fans mourned his loss to WDI, as Delaney was a well-known name who had worked on a number […]

Siemens To Sponsor Space Mountain?

I’m not tellin’, I’m askin’. Does anyone know anything?

And yes, I’m working on some actual substantive posts for the weekend…

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Zoom A Little Zoom In My Rocket Ship…

This little sketch comes from 1965; it’s concept art for Space Mountain, which was then under development for Disneyland’s New Tomorrowland. The ride, of course, wouldn’t open until 1975, and then only in Florida. It wouldn’t appear at Disneyland until 1977.

I have absolutely no profound reason to post this piece, aside from the […]

If you invest your tuppence wisely in the bank…

Ladies and gentlemen, your new chair of the Federal Reserve

So, the economy.

With the Dow plunging straight into the Briar Patch and investment banks worldwide failing like the Disney Institute, one might wonder what the economic crunch might mean for Disney’s plans for upgrading their theme parks. In the last few days, we’ve started […]

Tomorrow’s Windows – Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

We’ve mentioned already several of the rumors regarding the next few years as Disney ramps up for the Magic Kingdom’s 40th anniversary in 2011. If planning continues along current lines, and management steps up with sufficient funding, the park will finally receive a series of refurbishments that will begin to restore it […]