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Is There An Echo In Here?

Disney put out a press release this evening, which has already led to an article in the New York Times, trumpeting the fact that a deal has been approved for Shanghai Disneyland.

But wait a minute.

No doubt pushed to show their hand by my shocking exposee from two days ago, Disney has done nothing [...]

Obama’s Shanghai Surprise?

For nearly two decades, beginning with Frank Wells wining and dining Chinese officials in 1990, the Disney corporation has danced around the possibility of building a theme park in Shanghai. China’s largest city was long a target destination for former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, but despite frequent negotiations during the 1990s the park was never [...]

More Eastern Winds

While I was writing about Hong Kong Disneyland, news apparently continued to happen.

On the subject of Hong Kong, there was a key provision of the expansion deal that I neglected to mention. It was reported, and widely reiterated in the press, that two of the new areas – Grizzly Trail and Mystic Point – [...]

At Last! Deal Signed For Hong Kong Expansion

What’s behind castle #1?

Breaking, from Reuters, also reported by the Wall Street Journal:

HONG KONG, June 25 (Reuters) – Hong Kong has reached a deal with the Walt Disney Co (DIS) to expand the local Disney theme park, seen as necessary to bolster the park’s long-term prospects against a Shanghai rival, a newspaper reported [...]