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Sneaky Previews, Shanghai Style…

As we continue to wait… and wait… and wait… for any real information about Shanghai Disneyland, we have to look for clues anywhere we can find them. A choice new tidbit comes from this job posting on the official Disney hiring site; in case it disappears, here’s a key quote:

Act on behalf of […]

Staffing Up…

Drip drip drip…

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Agree To Agree… At Last

Could the wait almost be over?

A full year after the Chinese central government signed off on the plans for the park, Disney and the local Shanghai government have signed an agreement to create the joint venture company that will built the new resort. The step was, as seems typical, announced by Shanghai officials […]

Here We Go Again… Again.

Another month, another story about how negotiations for Shanghai Disneyland are almost… almost… at an end. Again.

The Shanghai Daily is reporting that construction on the new resort will begin next month, following the closure of the Shanghai World Expo on October 31st.

Preparations on the ground have been underway for some time now, with […]

Delightful, Delicious, Delaney

One of Imagineer Tim Delaney’s famous renderings for EPCOT’s The Living Seas pavilion

The last time we spoke of Imagineer Tim Delaney was last year, when he departed Walt Disney Imagineering after thirty-three years with the company. Fans mourned his loss to WDI, as Delaney was a well-known name who had worked on a number […]