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Hardly A Hoop, Not Yet A Holler

"Your bathing suit might catch on something on the way down…"

In February of 1976, River Country was hardly a water jamboree. It was still under construction, as we see from this picture which was published on February 27th.

Well, “thar’s bin aplenty goin’ up” in River Country since our last status report. The […]

Meanwhile, On Scenic Bay Lake…

With all the stress of the modern world, why not instead take a trip to our happy place?

Now this is what I call a Vacation Kingdom:

Wow. Just try getting that song out of your head. I guarantee that for the rest of your life when you heard someone mention River Country you’ll […]

Say, Nice Package!

Back in the good ol’ days, Disney fans didn’t have to shell out big bucks to get quality discounts on rooms at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom Club was created as a benefit that companies nationwide could purchase for their employees. If your employer had an agreement with Disney, and very many did, […]

It’s A Whoop, It’s A Holler

I’ll bet that when you woke up this morning, you didn’t expect your day would involve a picture of former Disney CEO Dick Nunis on a waterslide. Yet here we are.

This picture, from May of 1976, shows Nunis testing out the “Whoop-‘N-Holler Hollow” slide that was then under construction for River Country. River […]