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Still Cookin’

Despite all appearances, we haven’t packed up and moved out of town. Things have been pretty hectic in that pesky “real world” ; I don’t know how you crazy kids keep it up with your blogging and hula hoops and dungarees and what-not with your twenty-two skiddo and Stutz Bearcats and the sock hops […]

The Sweatbox

There’s been a great deal of news lately about various upcoming Disney and Pixar productions, what with this year’s release of WALL-E inching closer and the first hard news starting to leak out about Up and Toy Story 3. Rather than crank out a couple of posts a day with each small story – other […]

Remy et Oscar

This morning, the AMPAS announced this year’s Academy Award nominees. Ratatouille walked away with five nominations, including Best Animated Feature. Its competition in this category will be Sony’s Surf’s Up and Persepolis, the latter of which is considered to be Ratatouille‘s strongest competitor. Many (including myself) have argued that Pixar’s film was worthy of inclusion […]

Rat D’Or

Like most of the civilized world, you might have missed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association released the list of this year’s Golden Globe winners today. Unable to produce their usual televised ceremony due to actors’ unwillingness to cross the WGA picket lines, the awards were announced during a press conference.

The point of all […]

À la recherche du temps souris

This Tuesday, Ratatouille (subtitled for the lawyers out there: “A Disney-Pixar Presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios Film”) comes to home video. Since the movie came out this summer, more press has been devoted to the performance of the film at the box office and how it reflected on the Disney-Pixar merger than was written […]