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Tangled!! Photos! Here! Rapunzel! Flynn Rider! Maximus! Pascal!

Typically, when a new animated film is released, I post some artwork in case anyone’s out looking for that sort of thing. I didn’t get around to it when Tangled hit theaters, but since it’s back in the spotlight with its recent DVD release, I thought I’d post some pretty pictures for you to […]

Progress City Home Theater: Tangled

After a decade of troubled development, Disney Feature Animation’s take on the Rapunzel fairy tale finally arrived in theaters last fall. Despite near-constant meddling from executives and marketing mavens during those long years, Tangled scored a hit with both critics and audiences, and is one of the most thoroughly satisfying offerings from Disney animators […]

Tangled And Unbraided

One of the kookiest things to pop up online lately is this pre-visualization reel for Rapunzel Unbraided, one of the earlier incarnations of the film now known as Tangled. The film had a long and tortured development, subject to the whims of management earlier in the decade. Originally a traditionally animated fairy tale, it became […]

Tangled Up In Green

Now that Tangled (or Rapunzel, for the non hip-and-edgy among us) has hit theaters to great critical and financial success, hopefully everyone has taken a moment to congratulate the folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios, directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, and most definitely and especially Glen Keane, who has spent most of the […]

Visualizing Rapunzel

Disney animation story supervisor Paul Briggs has posted a couple of wonderful visual development pieces for Rapunzel (aka Tangled) at his blog. Visual development artwork is typically my favorite element of animation production, and these evocative renderings by Disney artist Kevin Nelson do not disappoint.

Check out Briggs’s site for more of his […]