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Elves In The Sweatbox

Story sketch for King of the Elves by Ralph Zontag, circa 2007

Steve Hulett from the Animation Guild spent his day at Disney feature animation and has a few tidbits of note.

First, and unsurprising when you consider recent reports, is the fact that merchandise from The Princess and the Frog is selling like gangbusters […]

Princess and the Frog!!! Photos! Here! Tiana and Naveen! Etc!

You kids. I slave all day over a hot keyboard, and every year I get a record amount of hits just from people looking for pictures from Disney’s latest animated features. But who am I to argue? Here are the latest publicity shots from the upcoming Disney animated feature The Princess and the Frog.


Back To The Sweatbox

It’s been some time since we’ve discussed the upcoming Disney animation slate in any detail, and even longer since I updated the site’s list of animated projects. We’ve mentioned some of the schedule shifts that have occurred in the year and a half since Disney announced their ambitious development plans; most notably, Cars 2 was […]