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Hench + Tiki + Booze = Awesome

Orlando Sour? Yes please!

One of the first truly awesome (for me) things I dug up while rummaging around the Disney Archives came when we were doing research to prepare for the Epcot 30th Anniversary event last year. In a box of files that once belonged to Imagineer John Hench, there was this odd […]

Polynesian Princess, They Call Me

Some time ago, we wrote about a rather amazing phenomenon from Walt Disney World’s past: the tearoom fashion modeling trend found at Lake Buena Vista in the 1970s. But even before the Lake Buena Vista Village was constructed, these swanky luncheons were taking place at the Polynesian Village Resort.

In August of 1972, The Eyes […]


So this was a thing that happened:

Eat your heart out, Escape From Tomorrow.

P.S. The other park you see is Magic Mountain in California. In the Walt Disney World footage, keep an eye out for the old Polynesian Village Resort pool.

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A Model Kingdom, 1968

One hallmark of Walt Disney World since its very earliest inception is the ambitious master plan; the sweeping, grand vision which is slowly whittled away and watered down once the practicalities of construction and the vagaries of history take their toll. While the construction of the resort in the late 1960s involved a massive amount […]

Elseworlds – A Different Look At The Polynesian

Tiki Talk has posted this intriguing artwork, which was found, of all places, at a flea market. Apparently the artist made a living in the 1980s doing renderings for architectural firms; he produced this work for a Houston company that was bidding on the contract for a mid-’80s refurb of the Polynesian Resort at […]