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This Week In Me Talking About Stuff

From across the aether this week come the voices of myself and Beacon Joe thanks to the fine folks at WEDWay Radio. The first, briefer piece is a news update about the death last week of Ray Bradbury, science fiction icon and friend of Walt Disney. We discuss an interview I conducted with Bradbury in […]

WEDway + EPCOT + Me

This week the great guys at the always-amusing WEDway Radio podcast celebrate their 100th episode – an amazing milestone in any medium! To celebrate, they decided to host a round-table discussion about a subject obviously near and dear to me – EPCOT Center, and the Future World of old. I was honored to be invited, […]

Seeking your help….

Hello folks, it’s Beacon Joe here again.  First off, I’d like to thank everyone for listening and commenting on the podcast, and hope you all enjoy it.   The reason I’m writing is to obtain a little information on a ditty Michael and I overheard at the D23 convention last September.

We had the pleasure […]