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Bits of Business…

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I stopped at this “dig site” directly outside of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  I had not been to Disney’s HOLLYWOOD Studios the past several trips out of general malaise, and I wanted to see if the rope still worked.

In case this sight isn’t [...]

A Not-So-Modest Proposal On Disney Nightlife (Part I)

A note to those who control the fate of the now-shuttered Pleasure Island – STOP! PATIENCE!

Now I love the nightlife.  I like to boogie.  In fact I was once a stalwart attendee to Pleasure Island on Cast Member Thursdays (and in 2000 Millenium Mondays), but I wish [...]


Kungaloosh, y’all. Photo from Disney via Alain Littaye. “Our guests tell us they want additional shopping and dining experiences at Downtown Disney” – Kevin Lansberry, Downtown Disney Vice President

I thought we were past this. I honestly, swear-to-heaven, blindly, stupidly and naively believed that we were past this.

Times had changed, I thought. The new [...]