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Pixar’s Place?

The new gateway to Pixar Place. Photo nabbed from EpcotServo.

These are odd times for Disney theme park fans. After a decade of escalating affronts to the legacy of quality and good taste they had long taken for granted, relief came in the form of new CEO Bob Iger and the John Lasseter-led Pixar braintrust. [...]

Woody’s Roundup 08-02-2008

It’s been a while, eh?

First, a note on the Tron 2 buzz that’s circulated since our last story. Jim Hill posted a somewhat breathless tale this week about the film’s production and how original TRON director Steven Lisberger had been taken off the project by John Lasseter, scrapping the years of development work that [...]

WALL-E and EVE!!! Photos! Here!

As a bit of an obsessive-compulsive, I love looking at the statistics that my blogging software compiles about this website. I love seeing where you guys come from, how many of you there are, and I especially love looking at the keywords that people use to find the blog. As it stands, the all-time most [...]

Up is…. Well, you know.

On the heels of its panel at the San Diego Comic Con, Disney has gone live with the new website for Up, Pixar’s 2009 release. It features a brief teaser – the animation looks, as expected, astounding. More details will follow, but for the time being… check it out.

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We have liftoff… (and WALL-E viewing for Tarheels)

Well, the big day is here and WALL-E is opening on thousands of screens across the country. There’s little I can say here to meaningfully elaborate on the excitement over the new Pixar feature or to underscore the breathless reviews the film has been getting. Adding to the excitement is the fact that we’ll [...]