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Some Weekend Viewing…

Much to my excitement, I’ve just discovered that Martin Smith has set up his own site to present his now-famous park tribute videos. His latest magnum opus is an 85-minute tribute to Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and their unrealized sister project Thunder Mesa. Check it out!

UPDATE: Foxx [...]

Bits of Business…

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I stopped at this “dig site” directly outside of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  I had not been to Disney’s HOLLYWOOD Studios the past several trips out of general malaise, and I wanted to see if the rope still worked.

In case this sight isn’t [...]

A Little Off The Curve


Could this really have been “cool” in 1962? I suppose the Beatles had not landed yet and American culture was still a little Pat Booneish. Still, I believe that Disney used to be better at forcing their “hip” agenda instead of falling in line with pale imitations of the [...]