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A Peek At The Future

Hiya fellas, remember me?

Sorry things have been dead around here for what, I see, is a surprisingly long time. What’s ironic is that during this period of silence there has been a remarkable flurry of activity and news in all corners of the Disney empire. The head of the motion picture division, Rich Ross, […]

A Very Special Disney Fever Dream, 1995

There is no way I could adequately prepare you, so just watch.

Why? Seriously, why?

This video was distributed at General Motors dealerships in 1995, to people who came in to test-drive cars. G.M. was, at the time, sponsoring World of Motion at Epcot Center, which was preparing to give way to Test Track. Where […]

A Little Friday Night Viewing?

If you’re as lame as I am, and have nothing to do tonight, why not get a fantastic dose of Disney history by checking out the latest amazing Walt Disney World footage by Lord Phoenix on YouTube? This time around, we have the Magic Kingdom during its Tencennial in 1981.

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Follow Figment to the Image Works

The great and mighty Martin Smith has struck again, this time with a new documentary about the Image Works – the creative playground of the future! This electronic wonderland occupied the upper level of Journey Into Imagination’s glass pyramids from its opening in 1982 until the notorious pavilion overhauls of 1998-99. The attraction featured a […]

Some Weekend Viewing…

Much to my excitement, I’ve just discovered that Martin Smith has set up his own site to present his now-famous park tribute videos. His latest magnum opus is an 85-minute tribute to Walt Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and their unrealized sister project Thunder Mesa. Check it out!

UPDATE: Foxx […]