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Future Sounds

A friend sent along this video, and I thought it was pretty great. These two guys put this together for their school’s band concert. Check it out:

It’s almost like this amazing music and the attractions from which they come had a timeless, cross-generational appeal or something…

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Progress City Radio – The Sherman Brothers Songbook

It’s hard to argue that any individual or individuals, aside from Walt himself, has had a greater effect on the musical history of the Walt Disney Company than Richard and Robert Sherman. Of course there have been many prominent and highly talented songwriters at the studio both before and after the brothers’ tenure there, and […]

A Trip To The World’s Fair

There’s been a big surprise for Disney music fans this week – without notice or warning there appeared on Amazon and other online retailers a listing for a 4-CD box set entitled Disneyland Goes to the World’s Fair. The collection is set for release on November 11th, 2008. Far from being unknown to Disney music […]

Music To Our Ears

The tsunami of Disney media excitement continues unabated. In a post on the Disney Music Discussion forum – an essential read for any Disney park music fan – producer Randy Thornton has announced the new track additions for the 2008 Disneyland and Walt Disney World Official Albums. The albums, which remain 2 disc sets […]

It’s the song, stupid!

Recently, Bob Iger and Co. unveiled plans for an extensive overhaul of Disney’s California Adventure. Nestled among the plans including blockbuster attractions in Carsland and a complete redo of the opening plaza was a long-shelved attraction based on The Little Mermaid. Disney followers will know that this was originally planned for EuroDisney, and can even […]