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A Walt Disney World Fever Dream

Long ago, we old people had something called “film”. Film was how we made pictures move, and some of us had machines called “projectors” that we would use at home to make the pictures appear on a wall or bedsheet.

Before the era of smartphone video, and even up to the advent of the VHS […]

Pushing My Buttons

I want to go to there.

For those who wonder why so many of us who were there at the time are completely obsessed with the EPCOT Center of the 1980s, how about this – a simple souvenir button, which probably cost 50 cents or less at the time, with absolutely spectacular art. The […]

A Chance to See?

One of my innumerable long-standing gripes has been the inability to obtain merchandise that is “exclusive” to the Disney parks without either taking a trip to the parks or paying a huge markup to a third party. We’ve seen this problem in action lately with the release of The Art of Walt Disney World, […]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #8

Previously, on Progress City, U.S.A.: For the start of the new year, I had hoped to do one of those “top ten” lists of things I’d like to see happen in the Disney parks – and especially Walt Disney World – in 2009. Not that I would deem any of my wishes likely to be […]