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Maps! Euro Disneyland Paris, 1994

Euro Disneyland Paris, 1994

This isn’t an official park map; it’s from a booklet that Disney distributed at Walt Disney World to promote the Euro Disney Resort to American guests. It shows the park as it was in 1994, which is remarkably similar to how it is today. There were still some small attractions to […]

Maps! EPCOT Center, 1989

EPCOT Center, 1989

This one’s for Hoot Gibson.

Is there really anything I can say? Horizons. Motion. Imagination. Seas. Kitchen Kabaret. Radok screens. Cronkite.

Where’d I put the time machine…

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Maps! The Magic Kingdom, 1989

The Magic Kingdom, 1989

Look! Skyway! 20K! Birthdayland! No Splash Mountain!

And if you squint, the unmolested Tiki Room. Ahh, 1989.

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Maps! The Disney-MGM Studios, 1989

Click! Enlarge!

Let’s return to the days of yesteryear, when the Disney-MGM Studios had just opened in Florida. Looking back, one thing really stands out – look how small it was! The area labeled “Theme Park” really only consists of three buildings – the Indiana Jones stunt show, the Backlot Express burger joint, and the […]