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EPCOT, Epcot, Figment, Saltyhinder And More!

My latest pieces on the D23 site…

First, rare photos from the set of the EPCOT Film, the now-famous production filmed during the last months of Walt’s life to pitch the concept of EPCOT to the Florida government and other industries.

If you worked at Walt Disney Productions in the 1980s, you could have auditioned […]

He’s Back!

Good news, everyone!

Under the cover of night, a ray of sunshine landed in Adventureland at Walt Disney World and the Florida Orange Bird reappeared at the Sunshine Tree Terrace, from which he had been absent for many years.

First, please watch:

So with the Orange Bird back and spiffed up, and Citrus Swirls back […]

Mission: Orange

As Orange Bird mania sweeps the nation, we felt it necessary to point out this sterling bit of cultural anthropology by Hoot n’ Chief over at Fresh Roasted Corn. Back in the 90s, as the vestiges of old Florida began to fade in earnest, they took a fantastic voyage through the wilds of central Florida […]

Oranges Are Good For You

Last month we talked about how the Citrus Swirl, a cult-classic Magic Kingdom snack, had made a fortuitous return to the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland. Over the years so much of the quirky texture of the Magic Kingdom has been stripped away, so it’s good to see something which would otherwise seem insignificant return. […]

Little Orange Memories

The longer one is a fan of anything, the more likely they are to pine for past glories, and those of us interested in the history of the ever-fluid theme park industry are no different. Wonders big and small have been lost over the years, and the Disney parks are no exception to this […]