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The Corrections Department Is Open

A brief correction from the Progress City Department of Humble Mea Culpas…

You might recall in all the discussion of the NextGen technology initiative that’s underway at Disney, there was some talk of how this would be implemented. Some suggested that RFID chips would be embedded into guests’ tickets or room keys, while others thought […]

MacPhee, RFID, And Thee

The hits keep on rollin’ today as Disney announced that Jim MacPhee, former Vice President responsible for EPCOT, has been promoted to Vice President, Next Generation Experience and Walt Disney World Parks. This makes MacPhee the head of operations at Walt Disney World, reporting to resort president Meg Crofton and presiding over the vice presidents […]

Fantasy Or Reality?

There have been many intense rumors lately that the Magic Kingdom’s desperately needed Fantasyland facelift was coming, once more, perilously close to a greenlight. We’ve heard that before, and the Fantasyland rumors now go back several years. But today, things got a little more interesting:

Today, the D-Report’s Soft-Opening site posted the above image; […]

Have We Found Our X-Band?

Robin Barber, Vice President of RFID wristband manufacturer Precision Dynamics, displays wristbands that the company has produced for various theme parks (Los Angeles Times)

Hoping for more information to emerge about the rumored NextGen / Personal Experience Portal project, I was fascinated to see an article in the Los Angeles Times today about Precision Dynamics […]

Personal Experience Portal?

An important addendum to the below article about the rumors surrounding the remodeling of Florida’s Fantasyland and Imagineering’s new technology initiative.

I have further reason to believe that WDI is indeed working on something involving the “NextGen” (or “NGE”) technology called the “Personal Experience Portal.” I don’t have any information on what the portal, or […]