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A Very Active Imagination

There are four things in this picture; they are all cooler than anything in the current Imagination! pavilion

Let’s say we’re taking a trip to EPCOT, and decide to check out the Walt Disney World website for some information. In the Imagination pavilion, we might decide to check out the ImageWorks – the interactive post-show [...]

Fantasyland 2.0

One of your theme parks requires a critical upgrade. Installation may require rebooting. Proceed (Y/N)?

On again, off again, on again? The saga of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland renovation continues with a new rumor from an unexpected source – Al Lutz.

The MiceAge impresario has made a name for himself over the last decade by [...]

Rumormongering: Mermaid Back On?

Concept art for California Adventure’s upcoming Little Mermaid dark ride

I have heard the faintest whispery whispers – the scarcest whiff of rumor – that the dark ride based on The Little Mermaid might once again have been given the go-ahead for Florida’s Magic Kingdom. The attraction, already planned and designed for Fantasyland, was allegedly [...]

Blue Sky Update – Walt Disney Studios Paris

In the realm of Disney parks these days, there are the haves and the have-nots. The “haves” are fortunate enough to have an executive team that recognizes the need for expansion and refurbishment, and were also lucky enough to secure funding for these projects before the economic situation worsened. The “have-nots” are… well, in [...]

Fixing A Hole – Three New Lands in Hong Kong?

“Could I interest you in an economy-sized theme park, only slightly used?”

We’ve discussed the ongoing and contentious negotiations surrounding expansion at the under-built and poorly-attended Hong Kong Disneyland, culminating in the standoff last month when Disney fired thirty of the Imagineers working on designing new attractions for the park. Disney claimed that there had [...]