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Neverworlds – EPCOT Center’s Science & Invention Pavilion

Science & Invention Pavilion by Herb Ryman, 1979

I can’t say I have a very interesting story for this one, as this is something I don’t really know anything about. In fact, I’m fishing for information. The pavilion you see above, dubbed the “Science & Invention Pavilion,” was under consideration as part of EPCOT’s lineup […]

Neverworlds – The Magic Kingdom’s Fantasia Gardens

This one’s a bit of a surprise. Most Disney folks, myself included, upon reading that headline would probably think of the fairly well-known but unbuilt Fantasia Gardens – the boat attraction based on the animated film that was intended to be part of Animal Kingdom’s “Beastly Kingdom.”

Concept art for the Animal Kingdom’s Fantasia Gardens […]

Jaw Hitting Floor In 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

The S.S. Disney, from bow to stern: the Orbitron, a ferris wheel, the glass-covered multideck hub area, the Casey Jr. Circus Train and glass-canopied carousel, and its a small world (Mark Hickson)

Hey, remember in 1994 when Disney built a traveling theme park inside the hull of a massive supertanker? You don’t? That’s because it’s […]