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Inside Out!

Lo the many years ago, the Disney Channel featured quite a bit of programming about all things Disney. Part and parcel of this was a stream of specials, interstitials, and regulars series focusing on the Disney theme parks. Fondly remembered by a certain generation of viewers was Walt Disney World Inside Out, a monthly program […]

EPCOT: Origins – A Model Future, 1978

For those of us in the lowly demographic called “fandom”, true insight is only gained through extreme displays of excess and obsessiveness. This especially holds true when researching older Imagineering projects, and most particularly projects that were somehow altered or never came to be. So little artwork or information escapes from Fortress Disney, that each […]

A Visit To EPCOT Center, 1984

A recent post on the always-entertaining Retroist blog directed us to a number of home movies that have recently been posted to YouTube as part of something called the “Elmer Gerlock Film Project.” There are several fascinating films dating from the 1950s-80s, with lots of footage of now-extinct sights from Las Vegas’s Strip, Disneyland, Walt […]

The Mystical Potties Of Morocco

Subtitle: 1,001 Arabian Flushes…

So ever since the long quest for photographic proof of EPCOT’s lost Danish bathrooms concluded, the hunt was on for those other lone bathrooms of EPCOT’s early days – the restroom complex that would one day be part of the Morocco pavilion.

World Showcase, 1982

While the Morocco showcase would not […]

Oh, Eisner – 1984 Edition

This inaugurates a new series of posts entitled “Oh, Eisner…”, in which I will reproduce for you every single annual letter to Disney company stockholders that former CEO Michael Eisner ever wrote. Why? I have no idea. Because I can?

Actually, these old annual report letters can be pretty entertaining. There are fleeting mentions of […]