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A Model Kingdom, 1968

One hallmark of Walt Disney World since its very earliest inception is the ambitious master plan; the sweeping, grand vision which is slowly whittled away and watered down once the practicalities of construction and the vagaries of history take their toll. While the construction of the resort in the late 1960s involved a massive amount […]

Ten Wishes for the New Year: #3

Those of you who are new to Progress City – and there are many! – can catch up with previous entries in this series here.

#3 – Overhaul Resort Transportation Guess which one transfixed me as a child with its awesomeness? Go ahead, guess.

Criticism – even loving, constructive criticism like the kind your friends […]

The New Oil Crisis Part II – Planning in times of crisis

When Walt Disney was involved in planning the Florida property, transportation was one of his highest priorities.   A jet airport of the future, a revolutionary city (EPCOT) that would provide public transportation to all, and a welcome center where folks could leave their cars behind and board a high speed monorail that […]

What Do We Have To Do To Put You In A New Monorail Today?

No self-respecting city of the future would be caught dead without a thoroughly modern method of mass transportation. This was the thinking of Walt Disney Productions when they were creating Walt Disney World, and part of Disney’s vision for future cities was the sleek and efficient monorail. We’ve already discussed Community Transportation Services, the […]

“The People Moving People”

The first few decades of Walt Disney Imagineering were marked by a series of escalating technical innovations that built on previous achievements while preparing Walt Disney Productions for subsequent phases of development. Under Walt’s guidance the profits and knowledge gained from each new project were funneled into the next, with every step pushing the […]