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Marc Davis artwork for The Enchanted Snow Palace, a planned but never built attraction designed for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Hi, remember me?

I apologize things have been dead around here for so long, but finally the fruits of my offline efforts are starting to appear. As you might have seen, Disney’s D23 […]

Bye, Bye Birthdayland

One day more…

Tomorrow marks the end of an era, when Mickey’s Toontown Fair closes in Orlando. Twenty-two years after its opening as a “temporary” area, Mickey’s Birthdayland, the cobbled-together land will face the bulldozer in preparation for the Fantasyland expansion.

Mickey’s Birthdayland debuted to celebrate the Mouse’s 60th birthday in 1988. Pieced together […]

In Case You Wonder Why I Rag On Eisner…

From a 1989 guidebook I just stumbled upon in my files:

A pettin’ zoo?! Two tickets to Orlando, please!!

What’s really atrocious is that the darned jingle from the Railroad spiel is still stuck in my head, twenty years later. Curse you, Mickey’s Birthdayland!!

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